How to unlock the Full Potential on Your Mind. Dr. Joe Dispenza on Impact Theory

Конспект интервью с Joe Dispensa про изначальный настрой, который определяет то, что с нами будет происходить в будущем. Некоторые тезисы для меня стали тезисами года.

Конспект интересного интервью с Joe Dispensa.

The familiar past will soon be predictable future.

If you keep that emotional reactions for hours, — it's called a mood. If you keep that emotional reactions for weeks and months, — it's called a temperament. And if you keep that emotional reaction going on for years in the end, — it's called a personality trait.

Learning how to shorten refracted period of emotional reaction is really where the work starts. People may have an event and what they do is keep recalling that event because the emotions, stress hormones (the survival emotions) say: "Pay attention to what happen, because you wanna be prepared to what happens again". Turns out, that most people spend 70% of the time living in survival, living in stress. They always anticipating the worst-case scenario based in the past experience and literally at the infinite potentions of the quantum field they selecting the worst possible outcome and they beginning to emotional embrace it with fearing conditioning in the body, that in the state of fear.

When question a person: "Why are you this way?", he said "I'm this way, because this event happens to me 15 or 20 years ago…". That means from biological standpoint, that they haven't be able to change since that event.

So the emotions tend to give to the body and brain rush of energy. They become addicted to the rush of those emotions and they use problems and conditions in their life to reaffirm the limitation, so this they can feel something. So in time of change, when you asking "Why are you this way?", they produce the same chemistry in brain and body as the event is occuring.

Firing and wiring same circuits and send same emotional signature to the body.Body is unconscious, there is no difference to experience and emotions from the past experience.

So, the same emotion influence the same thoughts and the same thoughts creates same emotions. Now entire person's state of being is in the past.

Hardest part about change is to not making same choices you did day before. Period.

The moment you decide different choice get ready, you feel uncomfortable, it's going to feel unfamiliar.
Our emotions shape our thoughts and our thoughts shape our emotion.This creates our future, because from quantum theory point, — we choosing exactly the way, we are thinking about.

First step is to act next day differently.

Same emotions leads to the same thought, that will lead to the same choice, which leads to the same behaviour, that creates same experience, which produce the same emotion.12:01

Q: What do you mean by "body is your unconscious mind"?12:13
Your body is your unconscious mind, in essence, if you are sitting down and you start thinking about some future worst-case scenario, that you encountering in your mind and you beginning to feel the emotion of that event, your body does't know the difference between the event, that taking place in your outer world and emotion, that you created by far along. Most people, they constantly reaffirming their emotional states. When it comes time to give up their emotion, they can say: "I really wanna do it", but the body is stronger than mind, because it has been conditioned that way, so, servant becomes a master. And the person, when stepping to the unknown, feel guilt, they suffering, because, at least, they can't predict it. Being in the unknown is a scary place for most people, because the unknown is uncertain.

People saying me: "I can't predict my future". The best way to predict the future is to create it.

What thoughts do you wanna firing & wiring in the brain? What behaviours do you wanna demonstrate in one day?

Closing the eyes and rehearse the action what you want, if your are truly present, the brain does't know the difference what you imaging and experiencing in the real world.So, when you begin to install a "neurological hardware" to the brain to look like the event is already occured, — your brain is no longer recording the past, now it's mapped to the future.And if you keep doing primarely that way, "the hardware becomes the software program" and, who knows, you just may start acting like a happy person.
The hardest part is to teach our body emotionally, what the future will feel like, ahead of the actual experience.

What does it means:

  • You can't wait for your success to feel empowered
  • You can't wait for wealth in order to feel abundant
  • You can't wait for new relationships to feel love

The quantum model of reality is about causing an effect.The moment, that you beginning to feel abundant in worlds where you are generating wealth, the moment when you empowering and feeling, — you are beginning the steps towards your success.The moment, you start feeling whole, — your healing begins.If you love yourself and love your life, you are creating equal analog causing an effect.

That's the difference of living as a victim, — "I'm this way because of that person and that thing/experience…", they making me feel this way.When you switch that around, you're becoming a creator of this world and you start to say – "My feeling and my thinking are changing the outcome of my life".That's a whole different game.

We have to unlearn before to relearn. We have to prone synaptic connections and spread new connections. Unfiring, unwiring, refiring, rewiring, unmemorize emotions that are stored in the body, recondition the body to a new mind and emotion, like deprogramming-reprogramming. That's the act institutes the process.22:37

Q: What then do we do in the inside, how do we take a breakthrough moment to make sure that is not just a breakthrough moment. I guarantee, that people are watching you have hundreds of "Aha!" moments, for sure that is defintely the case, as I was researching you.

People are shrink back to mediocracy and they will use the inside to excuse them from taking a leap. We'll say: "Yeah, I have chemical imbalance in my brain, my father was really overbarriying, he was a perfectionists, — that's why I'm this way".  People, they come up with stuff to excuse themselves, the inside, that actually giving them permissions to stay limited. It's an amazing idea, because they said to you, and then you really come to anxiety. But, ok, let's take your ex-husband and shoot them to the moon, — what you gonna do now? You still have to make those changes. And so, the person's enemy dies, something shifts in their's life, — and person is gonna find another person to hate. It just how we function.
We just slide another reason to feel those emotions.
The knowledge about yourself is self-empowerment.

The feeling needs to precede the result.

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